The Future of our Union depends on your vote - Please Vote Early!

Chuck and Freddie at the Beverly Hilton for the 2019 SAG-AFTRA National Convention.

Shawn Doherty, Laura Corda, Lori Vozzella, Ziggie Zangla, and Chuck Slavin at meet the candidates night in Boston.

Broadcaster Marisa DeFranco - WBZ does not endorse our slate, they let half the current leadership go - That's why it's time for DeFranco.

Chuck Slavin and Jae-Omo Zubhuza at The New England SAG Awards Annual Viewing Party

#NewEnglandFirst is a diverse group of candidates. Their platform comprises of the desire for fiscal responsibility, full membership involvement in decision making, and complete transparency. Putting the New England local first will raise our local membership from the ground up to the National as a team.

Contact Chuck Slavin for more info.​ 781-789-3145 @NewEnglandFirst